Friday, July 26, 2013


last week, our family took our first ever family vacation just by ourselves. (if you don't count our honeymoon!) it was 10 years in the making and it was worth the wait.

it was a glorious week of rest, sun, surf, play and knitting together as a new family of 6 before ryan began his new job.

i will forever hold this trip dearly in my heart.

cruising the island in style.

we got a chance to have a quick breakfast with our dear friend, preston.  it was such a great surprise!

best place to nap!

this sweet one was up all night many of the nights!

learning to fish!

our little beach baby in the shade.

taking turns in the shade with della may.


so very very thankful for this week.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


these last 5 weeks have been a whirlwind.

thankfully, things have gone so smoothly and my kids have hung in so well through it all.  but, it has been an absolute blur.

the last few weeks in a photo recap:

so, we packed up and moved from texas to virginia.

my mom was a champ.  she arrived in texas at 9am on a saturday, hopped in the car and drove with us for two solid days to virginia to beat the moving truck.  we barely made it, but it was a success!

my dad and sam arrived to help us settle in and make our house a home.  my dad and ryan assembled 9 pieces of ikea furniture in 2 days.  beers were deserved by all.

della getting some serious sam love.

my mom taking one for the team as she helped to beautify our new yard.

a celebratory dinner in the blueridge mountains as the bulk of the work was coming to an end!

we could never thank you guys enough for all the work you poured into our lives and home.  we most certainly could not have done it without you three!!!

just as the dust settled from moving, della got very listless and lethargic.  one morning last week, she woke up with a high fever for a newborn and gave us a good scare.  we took her to her pediatrician's office and they did a septic workup.  she was such a trooper as they ended up having to cath her and stick her over and over to try to get blood because she was so dehydrated.  praise the Lord they were able to determine it was a UTI and they gave her two rounds of antibiotic injections.  after 48 hours, she really started to perk up and is completely on the mend now.  she will have a follow up ultrasound in a few weeks, but we are just so thankful we caught it before she got much sicker.  sweet sweet girl...

and now we are on bald head island in north carolina on our first family vacation with just our family ever!  we are missing the rest of our family very very much, but it feels like such a blessing to have this time as a family of 6 before ryan starts his new job.

praise the Lord for a successful move, a healthy baby, and a chance to knit together prior to ryan's days becoming busy again!