Tuesday, August 12, 2014

::with gratitude::

it is with overflowing gratitude, that i am writing the final post of our blog.  

this blog has been a source of much joy, much encouragement, much connection and much love for our family.

i have been overwhelmed by how supported we were through hard times, through the joyous times, and even through the mundane times.

as we have moved through the last 7 years, our family has grown and our life phases have evolved.  blogging has become less of a priority and as our sweet ones get older, i want to protect their privacy a bit more.

i will greatly miss the community built in a blog, but i am excited to continue to document our life stories in a more private and personal way.  

thank you all for your immense love and support.

much love from the smiths...

Sunday, July 20, 2014


this week was one of beauty.

we spent the week celebrating kathy's 60th birthday -- it was beautiful.
we were surrounded by the majesty of wyoming -- it was beautiful.
we got to see our kids cherish meeting sophia for the first time -- it was beautiful.
we soaked up every minute with family that we could -- it was beautiful.
and we marveled with reverence at all that the Lord created out west -- it was absolutely beautiful.

we were abundantly blessed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


happy happy birthday, finn!

it is so much fun to celebrate you today.  you are so easy to celebrate and take delight in so many things.  and you have literally been counting down your fifth birthday since june 27th of 2013.  so, it is such a pleasure for your 5th birthday to arrive!

you are at such a fun and exciting age.  you love to learn.  you love to ask questions.  you love to be helpful and be a gentleman.  and you also love to antagonize crosby.

your heart is so sweet and pure and love just pours out of you.

i can hardly believe you are five and heading into kindergarten.  yet, you seem so old and so eager to learn that i can hardly believe you are just turning five.

we love you so dearly and you are such a beautiful gift in our family.

happy happy five, finn!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

::bibs at bald head::

vacation bliss.

thank you, muffy & skippy, for a most amazing week.

we adore you!