Friday, November 29, 2013

::a season of thankfulness::

we have so much to be thankful for this year.
here is a snapshot into what we've been abundantly thankful for this past week...

for running the turkey trot as a family.  a beautiful tradition that was so fun to add our 4th child into this year.  and it was SO much fun to see lily do her first 5k.  i don't think i went for a run until 7th grade and i struggled through the whole run with my dad by my side.  lily just glided through the trot (walking up the big hills) but feeling so proud of her accomplishment.  way to go, lu!

for a sweet celebration as a family.  
we very much missed our families, but are so thankful we get to see them very very soon.  (minus ash and fam -- thank GOODNESS i already have a plane ticket booked to see her wonderful family once baby #3 arrives!) 

for sweet sibling love.

for each of our children and all the ways that make them so unique and precious.

for this awesome guy who came to visit and helped out in every way possible!

for serving together.

and for God's amazing love that is endless and bigger than we could ever imagine!

happy start to the holiday season!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


this weekend is one that has left me overwhelmed with gratitude for ryan.

i am always amazed by all the ways he serves and loves me. and how selfless he is in his care for our family.  

but, this weekend, he has gone above and beyond.

i proposed the idea (actually whit's idea) to host friendsgiving this year. and it was a last minute proposal. he completely went along with it and was more than willing to do anything i needed to make it happen.  

we had such a wonderful night celebrating the blessing of great friends.  it was perfect and i was so thankful to have ryan by my side.

he also surprised me by signing me up for a race he knew i had been thinking of doing.  he watched the kids all morning, came to cheer me on, and when i returned home, he had cleaned up ALL of the dishes AND the house from the party.  amazing.

he took me out tonight on a date that i know wasn't exactly what he'd been wanting to do, but he knew it was what i'd been hoping for.  and it was just what the two of us needed -- time away from the distractions of home and just being together.

thank you, ryan, for all of the amazing ways you love the 5 of us.
you are perfect for me.

a few weekend pics, too...

solids for the first time!

Friday, November 15, 2013

::this girl::

is getting so big!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

::sweet thing::

i am always startled by the firsts a baby has in their crib.
the first time you come in and your little is sitting up on her own in her crib.
the first time you come in and he is standing up by himself.

this morning was the first time i came in to find della may on her tummy.  she was so cozy and comfortable.  and i loved it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

november is national prematurity awareness month.

we will forever be grateful for the march of dimes and our uva doctors and nurses.