Sunday, February 28, 2010


we were so thankful to have spent some time in florida last week. kathy and brandon joined us to enjoy the sunshine for a few days and it was wonderful. it left us all longing for spring. only 20 more days, right??...

family walk.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the end of an era...

whit couldn't have said it better.
go here: 100 willow

C.A.W.D.S. forever. and ever.
i am excited for the new owners and the amazing memories they will make in this beautiful home. but, a part of me will always consider it ours.

luckily, it is just a house. and wherever my family is will always be our home.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


sometimes i feel bombarded by all of the wisdom, insight and knowledge there is to learn about being a mother and housewife.

i have so many goals i would love to reach for my children. so many ways i would hope to live my life to show the Lord's love for lily and finn. so many creative ideas i would love to help them explore. so many things i think would be best for their health and the environment. so many things i would love to expose them to.

sometimes it makes my head spin and i get overwhelmed.

but, a trait my mom has passed down to me with fervor is that of simplifying. i just need to take a deep breath and know that it does not all need to be done at once. or right now. but that it can all happen in small incremental steps. and that is just fine.

so, as earth day approaches, i have decided just to make one small goal for myself. just one and we will take it from there. by april 22nd, i hope to have a paperless kitchen. we are part of the way there, but could still use a little push in that direction. i try to avoid the paper towels, but sometimes i just can't get past them. after reading a great recent post about going paperless, i am sure we can do it. i just need to have tons of reusable supplies easily at hand. i plan to make lots of cloth napkins and get reusable bags for ry's lunches as opposed to ziplocs. those are the two areas we seem to have the most waste right now.

will you all keep me accountable? and consider one goal for yourself?

it's one simple step. but, sometimes, that seems like plenty!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


lil and i have been busy trying to keep things interesting this winter. she has been super helpful with all things sewing and felt... she would help me all day long! here are a few things we worked on last week...

a celebration garland!

a little valentine's love

and a playsilk for griffin!

each item has some major flaws, but we are keeping our chins up and continuing to try! just don't look too closely! :)

::boys that i adore::

Thursday, February 11, 2010


to pass by the recent doldrums of winter, lily and i have come up with new activities to share while finn sleeps.

this week, we have practiced yoga together several times. the really embarrassing thing is that she is MUCH better than i. the girl is so flexible, pliable and strong! her little body can hold poses for so much longer than i would think possible! at one point, she said to me, "momma, why are you shaking?" i guess she didn't find it nearly as hard as i did!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

::snow day::


yesterday, lily and i created her very first valentine's day cards.
she enjoyed the craft.
my heart fluttered with eager anticipation of all of her valentine's celebrations to come.

do you remember the thrill of valentine's day as a grade schooler? i adored it. i remember carefully constructing my outfit. one that would show my excitement about the holiday without being too over-the-top. red shirt, red bow in the hair, socks with hearts on them, perhaps?

your heart would always hope for a valentine's from that one special someone. and most often, you would not get it. but the thrill of hoping was half of the fun.

i will never forget my third grade valentine's day celebration.

a boy named chad gave me so-called-diamond earrings with little hearts hanging from them. i was still at the phase where i would NEVER have admitted who i had a crush on, yet i had obviously practiced my new signature as a married woman hundreds of times! unfortunately, i knew that chad was probably not the one for me. however, i was flattered to have received such a gift. i remember the following day, not wanting to hurt his feelings, but also not wanting to lead him on. i was fortunate enough to be able to deconstruct the earrings so that i could wear the "diamonds" without the hearts. i figured if he were perceptive, he would realize i was wearing his gift. but, he wouldn't think i was going to check "yes" on the "will you be my girlfriend" note.

after third grade, there were many more wonderful valentine's days. some that left me slightly heartbroken and some where my heart soared. and each valentine's day with ryan has been absolutely perfect.

so, as lily and i cut paper hearts yesterday, i became so excited for all the valentine's days to come. so excited to share both love and heartache with her. so excited to enjoy life's celebrations with her. and to show her how overflowing our love for her is.

our children are such a blessing and i am so thankful to get to mother them and shower them in love. we are eagerly anticipating this valentine's day and all those to come!