Tuesday, March 25, 2008

28 reasons why i love ryan on his 28th birthday!!!

in no particular order:
(warning: sappiness ahead...)
1) because he is the most amazing and supportive man i've ever met.
2) because he loves God and strives to serve Him in all he does.
3) because he supports me in all i dream to do.
4) because he showers lily in love and adoration.
5) because he is so stinkin' hot!!!
6) because he is so creative and always finds new ways to show his love for us.
7) because he can make a better grilled cheese than me!
8) because he works so incredibly hard and puts his all into everything he does.
9) because he puts up with all my crazy ways! (poor man!)
10) because he makes up great songs to sing around the house!
11) because he will run with me anytime, but never races me!
12) because he always lets us clean up dinner before we have dessert.
13) because he loves to be outside!
14) because he supports all the ridiculous ideas i have!
15) because he is SO smart!
16) because he is a doctor, for goodness sake!
17) because even though he can't really watch tv and have a conversation at the same time, he is really cute when he tries!
18) because he makes my heart melt when he and lily are together.
19) because he remembers the sweetest details about our relationship.
20) because he always tells me i'm pretty even when i've just rolled out of bed.
21) because he has an amazing sense of humor and can always make me laugh
22) did i mention how hot he is????
23)because he loves and values family as much as i do
24) because he's always up for an adventure
25) because he makes even mundane things so much fun (imagine him as we wait endlessly in doctor's offices... he gets a bit creative!)
26) because we both love to be productive!
27) because even though i'm 6 months older, he never rubs it in.
28) because he is perfect for me!!!!

i could go on and on... but i will spare you all!
happy birthday, ry! i love you!!!!!
two weekends ago, lily and i had the joy of traveling to florida to start planning ash's wedding. there were a few hitches along the way (ie. ash coming down with a horrible case of the flu virus and spending about 3 hours in the ER and henceforth being forbidden by her wedding planner to meet with her!), but we managed to have a great time together and get some wedding details figured out. let the countdown to june 28th begin!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

may the peace and joy of the Lord be yours this easter day!

ps. don't tell her these are supposed to be filled with something! how much longer do you think we can get away with it??

Thursday, March 6, 2008

rough again...

first face plant to cement. you could say we aren't doing too hot this week!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


i have never doubted that ryan would be a fabulous physician. i have never doubted that he would work incredibly hard in his training. i did, however, never see this coming...
so, this is how the story goes:
the month of february, ryan worked solely nights. he worked every night except for four in the whole month. this included the last day of february, the 29th. that was a friday night. so, sunday morning he was to go in and work a 24+ hour shift in the surgical intensive care unit. his shift started in the early AM and was going to go until mid-morning on monday. unfortunately, after a month of staying up all night and sleeping during the days, he could not get himself to sleep before going in for his shift. he thrashed all night long, had a beer, took two PM cold medicines (as he has been pretty sick) and sleep still eluded him. so, he went in sunday morning having slept about 2 hours in the previous 36. anyway, my heart ached for him because i knew his shift was going to be rough and nearly impossible.
so, around 4pm i finally hear from him and he tells me he is probably coming home. my initial reaction is that this is great news... but i knew there had to be a catch. and there was... turns out that as the day had progressed, ryan had gotten sicker and sicker. but, this is not reason enough for an intern to be sent home. and he was of course exhausted. still, no reason to go home.
however, this was reason enough to go home... in the mid afternoon, he had been doing a sterile procedure and was all gowned/gloved/masked up and suddenly started to feel increasingly crummy. he told the nurse in the room that she might want to get another resident to help out with the procedure. she left the room to get someone and came back to find my poor husband passed out cold on the floor! ryan bit it hard and ended up having to get fluids and stitches! the combination of no sleep, being sick, wearing a mask, and not having eaten much just took its toll. my heart was breaking for him... as much as i wanted him to be home, this was not the manner in which i was hoping he would get there! thankfully, he got a good nights sleep, some drugs and TLC and is on the mend. yikes, right??