Wednesday, March 27, 2013


crosby is on the growth chart!

5% for weight and 1% for height!

it felt so good to see his little dot on the curve!  hooray!


happy happy birthday, ryan!

i love this day every year when it rolls around...i am so abundantly thankful for you and i am so glad to have a day to celebrate YOU.

i truly fall deeper and deeper in love with you each passing day.  i am constantly astonished that the Lord gave me the amazing gift of you and that we are such a perfect match for one another.  you are the man of my dreams and the perfect husband and father.

i am so proud of all you have accomplished and of all of the sacrifices you have made.  as we are nearing the end of your training, i am so amazed by the grace and humility you have possessed as you walked through these past 10 years.  and i am so grateful you have chosen me to be by your side.

i love you so much.  happy happy day.

love always,

Monday, March 25, 2013

::never a dull moment::

one thing is certain.  having kids means there is never a dull moment.  this weekend was no exception.

from an ER trip (crosby's second in less than 2 weeks), to a first soccer game, to Easter egg hunting, there is always comedy and excitement around here.  and i wouldn't have it any other way.

on saturday, lily and finn had their first soccer game.

it was amazing.

pure entertainment.

finn was so excited he was bursting.  and lily was so nervous she flapped her arms like a bird the majority of the game.  it was so much fun to see the differences in their personalities and to cheer them on from the sidelines.

finn only forgot and picked the ball up with his hands one time...but otherwise made sure he was in the thick of it the whole time.  and lily made sure to run parallel to the ball, but never get close enough to be required to make contact with it.  it was awesome.

(finn is the one throwing the ball in)

and then yesterday, we celebrated Easter a week early with the kids.  due to ryan's very unfortunate schedule this year and lots of changes in his call, we will be away next weekend and so we had an early celebration.

again, it was great to see the kids so excited and see the differences in their personalities.  lily and finn were very intent on finding eggs and helping crosby.  and crosby was very determined to find an egg, post up, and eat every morsel of food inside of it.  

such sweet days...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

::beautiful weekend::

we were so blessed to have the smiths visit this weekend.  

we packed the days full of time out in the gorgeous weather, delicious food, lots of walks and runs and even a birthday party.

the time went by in a flash, but we made the most of every single moment!

cloud watching with colin.

enjoying the rays.

 caden and crosby's 2nd birthday party!
checking out the ducks with stefanie!

corn hole master.

lots of finn love.

thank you all so so much for coming!  we know it was a whirlwind weekend and we are so appreciative you made the trip down!

we love you!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

::everything's bigger in texas::

i have been looking forward to this past weekend for months.  ash, whit, duke and sam all decided to make the trek to the lone star state and experience the rodeo alongside us.

it was absolutely devastating thursday morning to find out that ash and her boys were unable to come due to illness...there was a huge void in the entire weekend.  we are definitely hoping she is able to use her tickets in the very near future.

after facing the sad news, we did rally and enjoy all that the weekend could provide. we relished the warm weather, cowboys, good food and perfect company.  it was amazing to have whit, duke and sam here and we couldn't get enough time with them.

experiencing the rodeo and tim mcgraw!

and of course, celebrating crosby's 2nd birthday!

every chance i get to spend with family makes me more and more thankful for the amazing bonds that tie us together.  and keeps me longing for more.  it was an absolutely wonderful texas style weekend and i am so thankful we were able to be together...and i can't say i was sad when i found out that whit's flight was cancelled and she had to spend tonight with us!  bonus for us!

i love you all so very very much!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

::crosby d::

happy happy 2nd birthday, sweet crosby!

we adore you with all that we are.

i do not think a birthday of yours will ever pass by that i am not taken back to the days leading up to your birth.  i think each of your birthdays will feel like an absolute miracle to me.  a beautiful beautiful miracle where the Lord was so good to our family.

you are such a gift to our family.  you bring so much humor, so much spunk, so much life into our home.  you constantly keep me on my toes, and i am so thankful for your wit and personality.  you adore your daddy and are growing and learning new things every day.  we love you more than words could ever express.  

happy 2nd birthday, crosby!  i thank the Lord for you every single day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

::beyond measure::

when i was pregnant with crosby, the university of virginia health system was running a campaign called "beyond measure."  the basic premise was that the hospital was beyond measure in so many different arenas -- in dedication, compassion, loyalty, service and so on.

and i remember thinking the campaign was a little bit cheesy.  i have always wholeheartedly thought the hospital is amazing.  from ryan's training, to working there myself, i have fully believed in what a great institution it is.  but, something about the "beyond measure" ads just seemed a little silly to me.

and then i got sick.  really sick.  and got hospitalized at our local hospital.  and then transferred to UVA.  and then i truly started to believe that UVA is beyond measure in so very many ways.

my OB, who had to relinquish my care to UVA once i was transferred, came and sat by our bedside every afternoon.  his dedication was absolutely beyond measure.

my new OB's at UVA listened to our every concern.  twice they wanted to do an emergent c-section, but ryan strongly voiced his concern and begged for another day or two and they ran more tests and waited.  their understanding and compassion were beyond measure.

and when the day came that neither crosby nor i could hold on any longer, my anesthesiologist went above and beyond to care for me.  although the actual c-section is a very painful memory to me, he came back into my room and took over for the nurses and pushed blood products until i was doing better.  his dedication and take charge attitude were undeniably beyond measure.

the nicu staff far superseded our expectations.  the physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses cared for crosby as if he were their own.  the hours that i was not able to be by his bedside, they treated him so wonderfully and with such knowledge...we will forever be indebted to them.  their love and compassion were absolutely beyond measure.

but why do i mention all of this on this random day in march?

it is because we have passed 27 weeks and 2 days in this pregnancy.  and the only words that come to my mind are, "beyond measure."  my unbelievable thankfulness to the Lord for his provision over this pregnancy is absolutely beyond measure.  beyond measure.

i would be lying if i said that my faith had not waivered during this pregnancy and that i had not had doubts that we would make it this far.  fear has crept in many times and i have prayed every day that we would make it past 27 weeks and 2 days.  i have felt that if we could get this far, we could handle anything.

i know there is no guarantee.  i know that my trust absolutely has to be in the Lord in regards to this pregnancy and in terms of my children.

but, the elation i feel to have made it so far with this miracle pregnancy is beyond measure.

thank you, dear Lord.  thank you...

to You be the glory and honor forevermore.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

totally stole this from whit.

hooray for MARCH MADNESS!!!

let's go IU!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

::rodeo for real::

to say the rodeo was an experience is an understatement.

it was unlike anything i have ever seen before.  

i was amazed that these men and women risk life and limb doing crazy things on animals and was even more amazed when 5 year old kids were out riding bareback on sheep hanging on for dear life.

it was an awesome date night and makes me proud to be living in texas for one year.  and so very very excited to share the experience with my siblings this week!!