Thursday, May 22, 2014


::11 months::

it is so hard to believe that dell is 11 months old.  
some days i still feel like i have a newborn, and then i look at her and all she is saying and doing and realize how much she's grown before our eyes.

she is so much fun right now.  
she adores her older siblings and is most often content when one of them is by her side.
and for as even tempered as she has been through her infancy, she is showing some adorable spunk recently.
i suppose as the youngest of 4, you have to let your voice be heard occasionally.

oh della may, i am treasuring these last days before you turn 1!

::ballet beauty::

lily had her big end of the year ballet performance last week.

it turned out to be more work than anticipated and a bigger commitment than i'd expected.
but for as much as she bemoaned ballet all year, she loved performance week.

she rehearsed two nights in a row for hours on end and came out on stage beaming.
and even though one of her wings got caught on the curtains on the way out, her spirit was not broken and she loved every minute of it.

::on growing up::

motherhood is such a tricky and beautiful thing. 

i absolutely cherish this phase we are currently in.  and that does not mean there aren't days that are long or too chaotic or all 4 are falling apart simultaneously.  but, i know i will look back on these days forever with such fondness and nostalgia and a longing in my heart.

and at each milestone my kids meet, my heart rejoices with them.  and simultaneously shatters a little bit, too.
it is such a joy to watch them grow and stretch and change and expand their world.  but it is also a reminder that one day they will not all four need me for every little thing.  and that is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

i feel like our days have been met with lots of big changes recently.  it has been exhilarating and i am trying ot savor every moment with these precious ones the Lord has given me.
lily lost her first tooth and was oh so brave as it had to be pulled. i was so proud of her bravery and she is loving her new smile!

finn had kindergarten orientation.  be still my heart.
he is my little buddy and helper and it is hard to imagine him not being by my side every day next year.

lily joined the swim team!
again, i am so proud of her.  she is really amazing me as she is facing fears and ready to accept new challenges.  i am excited to see her grow in the water this summer!

and it has been pure joy to see her emerge as a confident reader.  oh i love you so!

and this little bit is in love with the washing machine.  she makes me so happy as she presses her face hard into the glass to watch the clothes spin round and round.

these are the days.  yes.  these are the days.

::cross country throwback::

ryan and duke are awesome.

they ran a killer trail race a few weekends ago and dominated it.
they are both such examples of men who are so strong and determined, yet serve in all they do.

we could not have been prouder of them.  
they are amazing.