Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the match of the decade...

back in the day when i was first getting into running, i specifically remember a conversation with my dad that went something like this:
dad: "court, you have to try to beat other people."
court: "but dad, i feel bad to pass them. it will hurt their feelings!"
you can all just picture my dad's look of total exasperation with his oldest daughter. he, who is the ultimate competitor, had a daughter who he said "didn't have a competitive bone in her body."

well, i've since learned how to cultivate that "competitive bone" and it's a good thing as i live in a very competitive family. my dad has been known to grit his teeth while playing the family board game. and my mom, who likes to pretend she is not competitive, likes to be sneaky with her throwdowns. and both of my brothers and sisters can get pretty feisty, too. and of course, i don't even need to mention how competitive ryan is, for any of you that know him know that it is practically his middle name.

this being said, it seems only natural then that jose angel guzman would be a competitor at heart as he is about to enter our family.
you see, jose is a bigtime tennis player as is my cousin nick laconi.
well, i am not sure who challenged who, but a tennis match is scheduled to ensue this coming week in florida. let's just say, it could get intense.
nick made it to the indiana boys varsity tennis championship in the doubles tournament this year. he had an outstanding year in tennis.
and jose has been playing for years and is ranked in the colorado usta league.
this could get interesting...
don't worry, full coverage and pictures to follow...

and, just a little over a week until ashley gets married. let the countdown begin!!!

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whitney biber said...

this is about to get interesting! let's get some monies on it. :)