Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a sporty 24.

being the peace-loving couple that ryan and i are, we try to compromise on the movies that we watch. well, we have found that what usually suits us best is to go back and forth from a girly movie one time to a more boy movie the next. and i must admit, that we both usually enjoy what the other has picked. occasionally, we don't quite agree (case and point: court's recent pick "go further" - a documentary on organic living. ryan's recent pick "transformers.") but, for the most part, we end up really enjoying one another's movies.

well, this past friday, the movie that was next up on our list happened to be one of ryan's picks. i will readily confess that i was immediately not looking forward to ryan's selection of "kicking it" for several reasons:

1) a documentary
2) a documentary on sports
3) made by ESPN.

yikes. it didn't have much going for it.
however, i will admit i was far too quick to judge this movie.
it was a documentary about the homeless world cup (which i embarrassingly didn't even know existed) and it was fascinating! it interviewed coaches and players from around the world and told their unbelievable stories that led them to be homeless and then find themselves playing in the homeless world cup. it was a very humbling story and made me have a whole new compassion for those that are homeless. we would certainly recommend it!

well, to continue our sporty 24 hours, ryan and i had been planning to run in the c'ville 10K saturday morning. maybe it was the rain that kept ryan from running with me... or maybe it was that he was required to go do laparoscopic surgery on pigs that morning and sadly i ended up running alone. but, i have a whole new love for a 10K and think it might be my new favorite race distance! i even managed to come in 3rd place in my age group. so, next year, i will be sure to have ryan by my side!

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Preston said...

Wow! I like your method of choosing movies....since you guys like documentaries, I would suggest that ryan's next pick should be "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" Kristi liked it too, so hopefully it will be one you both can agree on! Great job on the 10K- that's some speedy running!