Saturday, November 15, 2008

sweet words

i am sure every parent thinks that the things their child says are just the cutest. and while lily has been chatty for quite some time now, she is really starting to string words together and speak her mind more freely. i am finding myself already mourning the day when she no longer calls herself "ninnie" and for when her sentences are more grammatically correct. i've decided that i don't want to forget her sweet mumblings and i wanted to post them here to remember them forever.
some of the things that have come out of her mouth this past week:

- when she is hungry: "ninnie eat... something!" (with almost a desperate sound in her voice... "please mom, anything you can get your hands on will do... just feed me something!:)

- when she is tired or hurt and i am trying to console her, but not doing an adequate job: "daddy hold you. daddy hold you!" (i will be sad the day that "me" replaces "you.")

- one of her teachers at school put her hair into two ponytails (not pigtails, mind you... one on top and then one that slightly resembles a rattail in the back). well, ever since, she is obsessed with it and constantly says, "pony hail! pony hail!" every time i try to put her hair in a barrette. yikes... i can already see the day coming when she decides she should be in charge of clothes and shoes and such!

- our child still prefers not to drink much, so in an effort to get liquid in her, i have been making a smoothie every day, which she now lovingly refers to as her "hoo-mie!"

- lily prefers to have her personal space (where could she have ever gotten this trait from??) consequently, she used to freak out a bit if you were in her space. we've worked really hard on her saying, "excuse me, mommy" or daddy or whomever when she feels the offender in violating her space. she has done quite well with this and has taken it to the next level... when an inanimate object is in her way/space, she now says, "excuse me this! excuse me this!" these words ring through our home countless times a day.

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