Friday, July 24, 2009

oh oh oh... emma watson!!!

i can think of no greater joy than spending time with family. and since finn has been born, we have been overwhelmingly blessed with the visits of our family members. this past week, all of my siblings made the trip from all over the country to unite here with us. it was absolutely wonderful and we had a blast. our kids were showered in love, we shared great conversation over delicious meals, and spent hours just being our ridiculous selves together. it is so wonderful that you can just truly be who you are in the presence of family and it was perfect. thank you so so much, ash, whit, duke, sam and jim for making the trek here. we miss you like crazy already!!

and in my post-baby-haze, i have somehow managed not to get any pictures of brandon up with finn! sorry, b!! brandon ANXIOUSLY awaited the birth of finn as he was getting ready to move to new york for the summer and finn's delayed birth was about to put a kink in his plans. he was thrilled when he heard i'd finally gone into labor and made the drive through the night to meet the newest addition of the family. we love you, brandon!!


Laura said...

Hi Courtney!

This is Laura, Ashley's friend from college. I came across your blog while trying to track her down. Could you please tell her that I'd love to hear from her? My e-mail is

Congratulations on your two beautiful children! I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading a little about your life.

I am moving to Colorado in a couple days... last I knew, Ashley was there, too. I'm really looking forward to living near the mountains.

Wishing you all the best,


Ashley Guzman said...

Your new background is so cute! How did you do that?