Saturday, November 14, 2009


my husband is amazing.
and for that i am so thankful.

last night i was thankful for his generosity and wonderful support.
you see, we found ourselves in a very hip, european-feeling, modern hotel last night. it had an uber mod feel to it. and while that is fun and all, i don't think you could exactly call this family of four "mod." i should have known. it was called "aloft." and while ryan and i had to speak in hushed whispers starting at 7:45 as our children tried to sleep in this hip loft-style hotel where the ceiling was open to the bathroom with no door, i was so thankful for his support.

and when the movie i was supposed to bring and then consequently turned up missing (and left us to sit in our dark room with nothing to do) and he didn't care, i was so thankful of his forgiveness.

and when i got up at 6am this morning and rattled around the room on his day off, i was so thankful for his understanding.

and then this morning, he got the kids up and ready while i was off doing my own thing. and he toted them out in the breezy drizzle and made sure to be on the sidelines to cheer me on... and again, i was overwhelmed by his love. and i was so thankful.

and when he never questioned my "need" to do this crazy half-marathon post-baby, i was so thankful that he just "gets me." i had been unable to put it into words until recently, but after the birth of lily and then now after finn's birth, i have felt an overwhelming desire to run in a race. luckily, i wasn't as crazy this time and didn't take on something as ridiculous as the chicago marathon (and it's 94 degree MISERY). but, i think i just felt like i needed to reclaim my body as my own. i am overwhelmingly thankful that the Lord equipped me so wonderfully to carry a baby to term and have two amazing deliveries and beautiful children. and i am also so very thankful that my body can serve in other ways that are separate from motherhood.

so, today, as i crossed the finish line and the announcer saw my name on the screen, he said into the microphone, "and courtney smith is finishing today with a smile!" and you better believe i was.

i am thankful.


the hammocks said...

you are a rock star, courtney! after a bit of research we learned you ran like the wind and placed third in your age group (as proud members of your fan club, we thought your blog friends and family should know what you were too modest to share!!) way to fly, girl!!!

Katie said...

Congrats, Court! You really did run fast! How did I not know you were doing this today?? You never cease to amaze...