Thursday, September 16, 2010

don't worry. i really am a good mom...

mothering is a tough job.  

i've never had a job i would consider harder.

every single day that passes by, i count my blessings and would rather be no other place than right here with my sweet ones.   i want to capture these precious moments forever, as i could think of nothing better.

but, that doesn't mean that there aren't lots of days that i feel defeated by the end of the day.  

or spend the better part of the day questioning how i handled each situation that arose.  

some days i just wonder if i am doing ok.

this video and lily's following statement assured me that i am doing an impeccable job... :)

a few weeks ago, lily said to me:
"mama, i am going to run to the bathroom.  can you keep an eye on finn for me?"

yes, sweet lily.  i can.  (i think i might be giving her too much responsibility?!)

and then this...

(of course i cannot capture any of the adorable moments of film, but i manage to get that!)

but oh how i adore mothering...


the hammocks said...

does it make me a bad mother if i laughed (because i feel your pain!)? with ava watching with me? who then proceeds to fall down herself so i'll laugh again?!?! whups!

crsindy said...

Oh my gosh....I laughed because we have ALL been there! I remember I sat Jacob on the coach when he was a baby and he totally fell off head first..I was hysterical!

Lindsay said...

We laugh so hard every time we watch it. Sorry :). So priceless to have that on video.

You are an AMAZING Mom Courtney :)