Wednesday, October 20, 2010


lily is a tidy kid.

don't get me wrong, the girl can make a big mess, but when it comes to her personal cleanliness, she can be pretty particular.

i have been known to promote playing in the dirt, getting really messy and being sloppy just to loosen her up a bit.

well, today i was tucking her into bed for her nap.

and then i noticed that the back of her bed was a little speckled.

upon closer inspection, the back of her bed was speckled with tiny little green things.

i then said, "lily, what is all over your bed?"

her response, "mama, it's from my nose, of course!"

of course...

so much for tidy, right?  i guess i'm just glad they were on her bed and not in her mouth.  yuck.

i have a little bed cleaning to do...

1 comment:

the hammocks said...

so funny! my gross girl eats them most of the time....unless i can be speedy and stop her first. then other times she just hands them to me. lovely. :)