Thursday, December 16, 2010

::heart warming::

95615802, Per Foreby /Flickr

lily had her christmas program at school today.

let me tell you what. it was beautiful.

last year, my shy little birdie looked like a deer in headlights. no words. no motions. didn't even sway to the music.

this year, she was really excited on the drive in and she told me she "would sing loudly so i could hear her and would do all the actions."

and she did.

it was so heart warming. when the first song started and she was squeezed in the back row with her friends singing at the top of her lungs, i just started crying. i loved every minute of it. and finn did, too. after every song he would clap and then immediately ask for more.

i can hardly believe how big she is getting and i am just cherishing these days.

my heart is full...

(and i did take video of the program, but it is so blurry that it wasn't even worth posting. you can just dream it up in your was that good.)


Lindsay said...

That's so great! :) She is such a little sweetie. Love those "tears of joy" moments we have as Moms.

Whitney said...

i wish i could have been there :)