Monday, January 10, 2011

::his sweet time::

we are so happy to report that this is finally finn's preferred method of transportation around the house.

we don't even have to bribe him with crackers or anything anymore.

and it's a good thing because he has a doctor's appointment soon and if he wasn't walking by then, a further evaluation was on his horizon.  phew!

it's not like stubbornness runs in the family or anything...

(does it look like he just got off a horse?)


Whitney said...

haha it looks like he is in a western and he's about to turn around, walk away from lily five paces, and draw to duel!

A cowboy and a walking man all in one!

what amazing progress :)

Lisa Henry Smith Photography LLC said...


Ashley said...

Looks like he's actually about to break into a run! Love him!