Sunday, November 27, 2011


there are few traditions i hold more dearly from childhood than those surrounding the christmas season...
going to my grandma's house on christmas-eve-eve to have a family dinner.

waiting on the landing with mugs of steaming hot chocolate with excited anticipation of what waited for us downstairs.

the big family christmas party at our house every christmas afternoon.

as our family has grown and our kids are getting a bit older, we have been excited to create some traditions of our own.  however, there are some from childhood that are too wonderful not to be passed on.

my grandfather, poppy, used to read twas the night before christmas for us every christmas eve.  i remember such a giddy excitement growing within me as he read.  i would feel so safe, so tucked in, so loved,  and so eager for santa's arrival.  

my parents recorded that story for our kids in a book and we got it out yesterday as we decorated.  finn has carried the book everywhere with him and hearing my parents' voices read that familiar story from all corners of our house has made me so happy.  we will most certainly enjoy it in the days to come and especially on christmas eve.

and every holiday season, we would make ornaments as a family from a salt and flour dough.  they are truly some of my favorite ornaments and my dad's enormous and beautiful santa still tops our family tree proudly.  looking back at the handmade ornaments tells such a story and reminds me so much of growing up.

so, this year, we mixed up the dough and set to work.  lily and finn loved it and i love our new additions to the tree.  i am sure in years to come we will reminisce about these ornaments and our last christmas in this home.  and it will bring such wonderful memories...

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the hammocks said...

i just asked my parents to find that book and record it for our kids. that is an awesome idea!!! happy ornament making!!