Tuesday, February 21, 2012

::cream and butter::

cros just had a neonatology follow up appointment this week.

he is such a champ and seems to be doing so very well.  one small issue is that over the last few months his weight has plateaued and then he has even dropped a few ounces.

i expressed my concern to the neonatologist and we discussed our options.  one such option was to fortify his milk in several ways that seemed a little complicated and like a bit of work (which i would be more than willing to do).  but, then after discussing what to do for several minutes, the doctor said, "you know what?  let's not make this too complicated.  let's do what every other doctor through your life will tell you not to do.  why don't you just put a bit of cream or butter into all of his baby food?"

seriously?  so very simple and delicious!  i bet my dad is wishing he would get the same recommendation from his doctor...

on a different note, this neonatologist hadn't seen crosby since he was in the NICU.  upon first seeing him, he said, "he has a CPAP scar."  when crosby first came home and the small scar on his forehead became more prominent, we had no idea what it was from.  apparently, his oxygen mask for his breathing apparatus created a small scar, which they have seen in lots of preemies in the last year.  they have since switched their mask, but it was interesting to learn about.  i think it is a sweet reminder of God's goodness to us through it all.  and he is a little bit like harry potter... :)

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