Friday, May 25, 2012

::she's a kindergartner::

last day of preschool!

i can hardly believe my baby has finished her preschool career!  how is it possible??

lily had her last day today and she was so excited about the festivities surrounding it.  she has had an awesome year and we will so miss mrs. w and mrs. p!  they have been amazing!!

on wednesday, her class had an end of the year party and picnic and she received her preschool diploma.  i was surprised when she got a sweet little diploma, and even more surprised when i had tears streaming down my face.  i know i will be awash with emotion when she has her first day of kindergarten, but i didn't think i'd have such a strong reaction to the end of preschool.  i'm in trouble come september!

it is hard to believe we have a school aged daughter...i am so proud of the sweet girl she is becoming!  

happy memorial day weekend and happy summer!

first day of this school year.

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