Tuesday, July 24, 2012


crosby had his first physical therapy evaluation here in houston a few weeks ago.

his previous PT and his pediatrician had both stressed the importance of his therapy and we have seen huge strides in thanks to all of the ways his PT has worked with him.

anyway, the transition from our c'ville PT to having him evaluated here was absolutely seamless and we were so impressed by the transfer of care.  

two ladies arrived to do his evaluation and they were so encouraging about how far he has come.  we are amazed daily by how much he is growing and changing, but there have been moments where we have both worried about his health and development.  especially when we are with other babies his age, it is hard not to let tiny worries linger in our minds.  

as they were doing a thorough evaluation, i was so thankful for all of their encouraging words and i felt very confident with their skills and assessment.  one of the ladies explained she had been a PT for almost 30 years and she kept commenting about how wonderful he looks given all he has been through.  my heart was just bursting with joy for the words of encouragement.  

after both of them had asked lots of questions and done their assessments, they unanimously agreed that he could be discharged from physical therapy!!!  i was so overwhelmed and overjoyed that i burst into tears!  (and then i was immediately embarrassed that i was crying in front of his physical therapists and began apologizing profusely!) 

 we are just so very thankful that he has come this far!  we have been given very blunt and honest opinions over the last year about the possibility of delays and low muscle tone and it has always left me with a lump in my throat and i've had to pray through the worries.  to hear these two very experienced women tell me how great his tone looks and how they don't have worries about his physical development allowed such peace to wash over me.  

they did say that we will continue to watch him and that they will be happy to reopen his case if we have concerns...but for now, we are PT free!  hallelujah!!


LaNell said...

Wow! That's great Court!

Alice Doyal said...

Yay!!!! So happy for you guys!!!! Missing you too!