Tuesday, January 29, 2013


oh sweet lily of ours.  we absolutely adore you.

you are such a gift to our little family.  you bring so much joy, so much compassion, so much caring to us.  you take care of your brothers and worry about them as if you were their mama.  you are growing in such leaps and bounds and it is such a joy to watch you grow into such a precious girl.

we are so alike in so many ways.  and yet different in others.  but, one of my favorite parts of this year is being able to relate to so much of what you are feeling.  i love to see the similarities in the way i thought as an elementary aged girl and the way you process things.  i love watching you experience elation in your daily life and then am able to remember those same experiences in my own childhood.  i love watching you grow in confidence and skill and remembering being so proud as i mastered some of the same things.

you are absolutely precious and the Lord has blessed us beyond measure by giving us the gift that you are.

we love you so very much and are so excited to celebrate you today!

happy 6th birthday, sweet nin!!


Topher said...

Happy birthday my Nins!

Sam said...

What a cutie. Happy bday Lil!

Pam said...

Lily, it is so evident how much your Mommy and Daddy love you! What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful six year old, Courtney.

Ashley said...

Happy, happy day, Lily-Lu!!! We love you!