Wednesday, February 20, 2013

::time to dust off our boots::

these next three weeks are going to be filled with all things rodeo.  

on friday, the highways get closed for the cowboys to ride their horses into town.  we just found out that part of their route runs right through our neighborhood past lily's school!  we are planning to picnic outside to watch the riders gallop through town.

the following three weeks, the houston rodeo will be in town and we are told it is quite the experience.

since we will only be texans for this one year, we are fully prepared to take full advantage of all the rodeo has to offer...and we are so excited for my siblings to come into town to share it with us!

giddy up!

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mimi said... proud of you lily...and thrilled you had your first pony ride! I bet Gordon misses you! I know Scout does :)