Monday, April 1, 2013

::christmas in march::

this past christmas, ryan and i both gifted one another different experiences.

he purchased me a dream to be professionally taken of our family.  we wanted to wait until spring was in full bloom here and we had our photos taken two weeks ago.  we loved our photographer and we are so excited to see all our pictures.  an awesome sneak peek is available here:

then this past weekend, kathy came so that i could take ryan away to san antonio.  
we had an amazing time getting away for a day and a half and it was blissful to have hours of uninterrupted conversation   although we were only gone for one night, we both were able to really relax and feel like we were on a retreat.  it was wonderful.

the alamo!

our hotel was awesome.  we received champagne, chocolates and fresh fruit.  and delicious coffee in the morning.

this creepy creepy easter bunny snuck up on me while we were having brunch, i actually screamed and amused many a spectator on the river walk!

thank you so much, kathy!!!!

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