Thursday, September 19, 2013

::may may::

this precious one of ours is changing every day before my very eyes.

she is at that adorable stage where she thinks her own hands are  you can put her down just about anywhere and she is completely mesmerized by her own two hands.  i love it.  whether they are just flailing about over her head or landing in her mouth, she thinks they are pretty awesome.  and so do i.

with lots of encouragement, finn got her to flip from her back to her tummy this morning.  he told me he wanted to take care of her while i did a few morning chores.  he laid down on her rug with her and just talked sweetly to her and she kept turning more and more to see him.  it made my heart flow over.  

i am definitely a softie when it comes to our newborn sleeping in our room.  lily stayed in our room for a whole 5 months before we moved her out.  she had been sleeping though the night for 2 months before we gave her the boot, but i just wasn't ready for our roommate to go.  finn did not stay quite as long because he outgrew the bassinet.  but, crosby roomed in for quite a while due to monitors and oxygen and such.

della should probably be moving out pretty soon, but i am just not ready for her to be alllll the way across the hall from us.  i finally told ryan i needed to move her away from my side of the bed because i was getting up over and over every night to feed her.  so, she has been relegated to her own little corner and it is going much better.  i have a feeling this little one might not be moving out any time soon...

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