Tuesday, August 12, 2014

::with gratitude::

it is with overflowing gratitude, that i am writing the final post of our blog.  

this blog has been a source of much joy, much encouragement, much connection and much love for our family.

i have been overwhelmed by how supported we were through hard times, through the joyous times, and even through the mundane times.

as we have moved through the last 7 years, our family has grown and our life phases have evolved.  blogging has become less of a priority and as our sweet ones get older, i want to protect their privacy a bit more.

i will greatly miss the community built in a blog, but i am excited to continue to document our life stories in a more private and personal way.  

thank you all for your immense love and support.

much love from the smiths...


Pam said...

Ohhhh, I am sad to hear that this is the end of a blog that I love so much! But I completely understand the desire to protect those precious gifts. Please indulge me with some photos in my inbox from time to time. I miss those sweet faces!

Whitney Biber said...

1) i love these pics - i had NOT seen them!!!!!!!!
2) so sad about this
3) but i get it. duh :)