Thursday, June 26, 2014


happy happy birthday, finn!

it is so much fun to celebrate you today.  you are so easy to celebrate and take delight in so many things.  and you have literally been counting down your fifth birthday since june 27th of 2013.  so, it is such a pleasure for your 5th birthday to arrive!

you are at such a fun and exciting age.  you love to learn.  you love to ask questions.  you love to be helpful and be a gentleman.  and you also love to antagonize crosby.

your heart is so sweet and pure and love just pours out of you.

i can hardly believe you are five and heading into kindergarten.  yet, you seem so old and so eager to learn that i can hardly believe you are just turning five.

we love you so dearly and you are such a beautiful gift in our family.

happy happy five, finn!!

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Pam said...

Happy birthday to your five year old!!