Thursday, March 6, 2008

rough again...

first face plant to cement. you could say we aren't doing too hot this week!


Katie, Adam and Avery said...

You guys are the best.
1) Thanks for the shout out.
2) Lily even looks cute with her new face plant make up.
3) I can't believe Ry's story. So sorry to hear that. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often though - you give so much man. You guys are wonderful and sacrifice so much of yourselves. We love you and hope you're all doing well.... and standing upright!!!

Megan said...

Court, Ry and Lily -

Megan and I looked at all the new pics and video together tonight...We watched, laughed and enjoyed reading all the updates. We miss all of you. Happy Easter.
Much Love and save us some cupcakes, Lil - Megan and Jana