Saturday, May 31, 2008

if i'm not stubborn and ryan's not stubborn... how can she possibly be stubborn??

our very sweet daughter has put up quite a fight when it comes to drinking. when we made the switch to milk, we tried everything we could think of to get her to drink. whole milk, 2%, skim, hot, cold, warm, in a cup, in a bottle, in my cup... we tried, juice, soymilk, juice mixed with milk, water. pretty much whatever we tried, she did not want to have a part in. we have made some progress, but she is still not drinking as much as we'd like. and now that it is getting to be so hot, ryan and i both worry that she is not meeting her hydration needs. with that said, out of desperation, i decided to make her a green smoothie. i've read lots about the benefits of drinking your greens, but i was sure she would turn her nose up at them. seriously, lily, are you kidding me??... she gulped down 12 ounces of the green goodness without batting an eye. if that's what it takes, i will gladly blend up all sorts of greens and fruits for you. (especially thanks to the magic bullet that whit gave to me - blending all sorts of things is a cinch!) all i have to say is that parenting sure keeps you on your toes!!


Ashley said...

hooray for the bullet! i made super delicious enchilada sauce in mine last night! and, wait a minute...who told you that you guys aren't stubborn?

whitney biber said...

So, that green goodness looks a little questionable. But I am so glad Lily is drinking! Once she realized I gave you the bullet, she was all over it. Just kidding!...but seriously...!