Tuesday, May 27, 2008

yaay for sam!!!

my youngest brother is about to graduate. that means, no more bibers in the zionsville community school system. for the last 23 years, one of us has walked the halls of the eagle-union school corporation buildings. it is the end of an era!
so, we traveled home last week to celebrate with sam and be with my family as his big day approaches. it was so much fun to be home and to see everyone! we were able to see lots of our friends and have a shower for ash, as well! (hopefully more pictures of that will follow!)

sam with some celebratory apple crisp!

my parents are in the process of selling their house, which is the same house my mom and her siblings grew up in. so, the whole family got together this weekend to take pictures at the house. this is a picture of my mom and her siblings.

and one of the kids!

and of course one of my family!

it was a great trip home and we were sad to leave! congrats sammy! try not to get suspended before the year is up! :) we are so proud of you!

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whitney biber said...

Court, I love the tribute to Sam. I'm already counting down the days until you post about the big match coming up this June (Guzman v. Laconi, duh). I expect lots of action shots and an unbiased review. Seeing as I am the ball boy and Ryan is the official, we got together last week to discuss the event (don't feel left out, it was tennis pros only. Also, it was kind of romantic and I didn't want you getting in the way of our love).

While you won't be stripped of your privileges as the line judge's wife, we'd like to request that you are also the reporter.

If you want, you're allowed to buy a new camera for the event. Tell them you're with the WCA's (sister of the RCA's, Whitney Courtney Ashley) and I am sure they'll give it to you free. If not, just bill it to mom's house account at Eagle Creek. You know the number.

OK. See you at the Tourney. I'll be tuning in live to the Z'Ville to C'Ville blog until then, hoping to see who the expected champ is.