Friday, December 5, 2008

'tis the season...

so, i have kind of dropped off of the blogging train the last few weeks... i would love to tell you all sorts of excuses (one camera broken, the other still in indiana, busy with travel to indy and chicago, blah blah blah...) but really, i've just been lazy. i have however been quite sad about my camera plight over the last two days.

yesterday, we decorated our christmas tree with lily. i must admit, when i thought of decorating the tree, i figured we'd put lily to bed and just power through it with some christmas music in the background and no sweet one helping us. but, ryan really thought lily would enjoy it and so i conceded. well, i am so glad he had an opinion about it because she absolutely adored it. she literally squealed with delight with every new ornament and constantly said, "more decorations... ok??!!" it really was a joy and i wish i'd had my camera. now the only trick is that she got to touch the tree all last night and now it is magically off limits? hmmm... she can't quite figure out why this has happened?

and the second instance in which i really have missed my camera just occurred. ryan is running in a urology sponsered 4 miler tomorrow. well, last year he was maybe a bit over zealous and ended up being the first urology physician to cross the line (including coming in before his program chair...yikes!) so, naturally, he is feeling the pressure this year and doesn't want to do worse than last year. anyway, he and lily just did some yoga together to loosen up for the big race and it was about the cutest thing i've ever seen. she mimicked his every move and actually held the poses better than i often do!

i guess these memories will just have to live on in our minds... but hopefully sooner as opposed to later i will be back on the photography band wagon!

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