Friday, February 27, 2009

the end of an era...

so, it is happening... my sweet little girl is growing up. in the past week, my daughter has stopped calling herself "ninnie" all the time and has started to refer to herself as "will-wie." it's funny... i guess i've gotten quite attached to my little nin, but my heart aches to realize that she won't call herself this forever. i suppose i wouldn't want her to head to grade school still calling herself "ninnie," but it does mark a change in my baby. as we prepare for baby number two, it seems like an appropriate time, but i didn't feel quite ready for it! but, i am pretty sure the nickname will stick for a long long time as it has become such a part of our daily lives to hear it!

on a completely different tangent, i was thinking last night about how my siblings and i used to think we were getting a treat when my mom would give us a big block of frozen peas to eat. that is because my mom so lovingly referred to these green gems as "pea popsicles." well, ryan and i have ventured into this type of parenting as last night he convinced lily that ground flaxseed was actually "flax sprinkles." at first she was a bit skeptical, but when she saw him eating them with fervor, she was convinced. today, she has wanted the delicious treat on everything she's eaten. are we terrible parents?? :)

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