Wednesday, October 21, 2009


when i was little, my mom was ever so generous as to allow my best friend, sarah, and i to have sleepovers ALL the time. sarah and i were inseparable. she lived only a few blocks away and we spent every moment possible together - awake and asleep. we were even allowed to spend the night on SCHOOL nights! our moms were so good to us.

and it seemed to be a ritual on school mornings, for sarah, ash and i (and whit when she was older) to line up in front of the big mirror in our bathroom while my mom would put our hair in double french braids. we would all head to school feeling not only put-together, but also beautiful.

and so, today, as i put my daughter's hair in double french braids for the first time, i had such a sense of motherhood. it's not that i don't feel like a mother on a daily basis, but sometimes i still feel like such a kid, too. i still need my own mother so very much. but as i delicately put lily's wispy hair into two braids, my heart was so full and i could only hope that this would be a tradition for us that would make her heart sing as well.

and with cheeks like this, do you think that finn will ever be able to hold his head up to learn to sit? i think he will have to defy physics!

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Jim said...

"hes packin walnuts" my mom used to say about my cousin with big cheeks. and to answer your question, he JUST learned to sit... he's 18 years old