Monday, October 12, 2009

::weekend update::

we had a wonderfully packed weekend.

ryan's aunt and uncle, janet and kevin, came into c'ville for the weekend. they were here to watch the cream and crimson, but sadly, the game was quite brutal for the hoosiers. luckily, there was plenty else to do and we savored every minute we had to spend with them. and they were so gracious as to stay for finn's baptism, which we cherished so very much.

i also traveled up to the district to visit katy and her kids. it is such a blessing to spend time in the company of such an amazing friend and we had a great time. david was especially enamored with finn! (even if he did have a little trouble remembering if he was a boy or a girl!!)

and we made a quick visit up to the orchard this weekend. it was beautiful as the leaves are just starting to change and it was so nice to be outside as a family!

my first instinct was to pull her dress down to cover up her derrière. but, then, on second thought, it seemed so cute... so she romped around just like this!

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