Thursday, February 11, 2010


to pass by the recent doldrums of winter, lily and i have come up with new activities to share while finn sleeps.

this week, we have practiced yoga together several times. the really embarrassing thing is that she is MUCH better than i. the girl is so flexible, pliable and strong! her little body can hold poses for so much longer than i would think possible! at one point, she said to me, "momma, why are you shaking?" i guess she didn't find it nearly as hard as i did!!


whitney biber said...

She needs to come to that vigorous class with me! She'd school everyone!

Lindsay said...

So cute! Makes me want to have a little girl! We love reading your blog :)
The Vaudts (really it's just Lindsay typing this right now :) )

Ashley Guzman said...

I just want to squeeze cute. And, yes, she is bendy!