Wednesday, February 24, 2010


sometimes i feel bombarded by all of the wisdom, insight and knowledge there is to learn about being a mother and housewife.

i have so many goals i would love to reach for my children. so many ways i would hope to live my life to show the Lord's love for lily and finn. so many creative ideas i would love to help them explore. so many things i think would be best for their health and the environment. so many things i would love to expose them to.

sometimes it makes my head spin and i get overwhelmed.

but, a trait my mom has passed down to me with fervor is that of simplifying. i just need to take a deep breath and know that it does not all need to be done at once. or right now. but that it can all happen in small incremental steps. and that is just fine.

so, as earth day approaches, i have decided just to make one small goal for myself. just one and we will take it from there. by april 22nd, i hope to have a paperless kitchen. we are part of the way there, but could still use a little push in that direction. i try to avoid the paper towels, but sometimes i just can't get past them. after reading a great recent post about going paperless, i am sure we can do it. i just need to have tons of reusable supplies easily at hand. i plan to make lots of cloth napkins and get reusable bags for ry's lunches as opposed to ziplocs. those are the two areas we seem to have the most waste right now.

will you all keep me accountable? and consider one goal for yourself?

it's one simple step. but, sometimes, that seems like plenty!


the hammocks said...

ha! do you know that i thought of you when i read that post?! the same project has been in the back of my mind as well. it seems like such a colorful way to be green!!

Lindsay said...

Love it! We are using cloth napkins and I avoid using the paper towel as much as I can. But, Hank, er Josh, always uses it! Perhaps I won't buy more next time we run out. Are you going to sew some cute towels with Lily? ;)