Tuesday, April 27, 2010


we just spent the most beautiful week at the beach with my family. we had not all been together for far too long and it was so refueling to all be together. we are abundantly thankful to you, muffy & skippy, for an amazing vacation. thank you a thousand times over!

buckle up for a photographic journey of our trip...
lily's first real swim in the ocean with whit.
our adorable nephew, griffin.
my handsome brothers doting on their niece and nephews.
and lots of amazing time together as a family...

pure bliss to be out enjoying nature as a family.

thank you so much, mom & dad!


Emily said...

courtie! love, love the pics!! Lily and Finn are beyond words adorable and it looks like such a great trip w/ your fam. xox

Katy said...

love the pics! what a fun trip...i'm glad that you guys had so much fun!!

Whitney said...

happy times :)