Thursday, April 1, 2010


so it has been about a month and we are making some progress on our earth day resolution.

we have figured out some good solutions for the sack lunch and snacks on the go.

i purchased some really inexpensive nalgene containers for snacks and fruits and such for ryan's lunches. they prevent the chips from getting smashed and they are all BPA free. i also got a few sandwich containers and things are working out well.

our dishwasher is filling up more quickly and we had a few soggy-chip incidents when i paired a few things up that were not meant to be mates, but otherwise, it is working out.

i cut up a few old towels and so now we have a plethora of cleaning rags in the kitchen.

and i made many a cloth napkin. retrospectively, the fabric i chose may not be the most absorbent, but it will get us started. and in a stroke of not-so-genius, i thought it would be fun to make child-sized napkins. after making them, i realized i should have actually made those napkins extra-large since kids' spills tend to be even bigger... but they are cute little things.

overall, the transition has been painless.

i must admit that i have a few rolls of paper towels in the basement that i will let linger... just in case. and my one hangup is aluminum foil... i have not found a good solution for that yet. but, we are making progress. and we still have a few weeks to go!!


Lindsay said...

So crazy. Our lunchbots just came in the mail yesterday (Josh is calling them the "overpriced" lunchbots. :).) Just packing up for our road trip to Indiana tomorrow. Have a Happy Easter!!

Ashley Guzman said...

Cute little lunches. I'm sure Ry is excited to have cute lunch containers:)