Wednesday, August 25, 2010

from the mouth of a vegetarian's daughter...

we purchased lily's first backpack for school ( she really that old??) and she has been l.o.v.i.n.g wearing it around the house and filling it with all sorts of things.

this morning, she was apparently very busy stuffing it with important things because she had a big day planned.

she kept saying over and over, "i am going hunting today.  today i am HUNTING!!"

i didn't know she really knew what hunting was as it isn't something we've discussed before.

finally after she had said it about 10 times, i decided to ask her what she was hunting for...fully preparing myself to hear that she was out to slay her first rabbit or deer or chicken.

and she replied, "mama, i'm hunting for leaves, of course!"

that a girl!  that's what i like to hear!

(but oh how proud of you your skippy would have been if you had answered pheasant!) :)

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