Tuesday, August 10, 2010


this past weekend was lovely.

we are entering a stretch where ryan should be home most weekends and i can hardly contain myself.

we started the weekend by attending the county fair.

it was nothing terribly exciting for ryan and i, but lily and finn could not have been more thrilled.

finn practically leaped out of ryan's arms to get to every single animal.
and lily, our petrified-of-large-animals-daughter, insisted that we go back through the llama and bovine tent three times.
overall, a great success.

and then on saturday, ryan's awesome roommate from college and his wife and adorable son, oliver, came to c'ville for a visit. we were so thankful that they had time to spend here with us. thank you guys so much!

and my nin has become quite the swimmer this summer. she loves to tell me she is a dolphin and spends most of her time at the pool underwater. she took her first trip off of a diving board today. mind you, she was wearing a life jacket and it took a bit of coaxing. but, she immediately wanted to do it again and it seemed somewhat monumental to me! :) (unfortunately, i did not capture the second more adventurous attempt on film!)


the hammocks said...

lily is SO brave!! i'm impressed!!

Ashley Guzman said...

Look at that little diver! Do you think she got your skills? Yeah, ZCHS Diving Team!