Monday, July 4, 2011

::full circle::

as we sat with crosby in the hospital, i noticed how he was wrapped in the typical newborn baby blankets you receive from the hospital.  and he weighs almost exactly what finn weighed when he was born.  and he had come out of surgery so well with no complications.  and he just looked like a "normal" baby.  

and it felt like we were really closing a chapter.  
the chapter of him being a preemie.

he is so strong and so tough.
and i have no doubt that his future is so bright. 

as we left the hospital just a mom and her sweet babe, it felt like we were closing a door and moving forward.  and it felt so good.   

and a huge thank you to my mom for coming to be with lily and finn while we were away!!

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Duke said...

normal baby! he is extraordinary baby