Friday, July 22, 2011

::little yogis::

exercising with three is not quite as simple as doing so with only two little ones.

i've had to get a bit more creative in my efforts.

and with the current heat wave, today seemed like a good day to practice some yoga.

i often save exercising until bedtime or nap time, but this morning, i decided to go for it with my whole brood wide awake.

lily and finn were both positive they needed their own yoga mats to accompany me and i could not believe that they truly followed along with the video for 20 minutes!  (and put me to shame with many of their poses!)

it wasn't quite the same as practicing in a peaceful studio, but the company was oh so adorable...


Meredith said...

This is precious!

Ashley said...

Ha ha! I love their little mat companions!

Lindsay said...

girl, I'm just stinkin' impressed you attempt to exercise with three little ones. Way to go.
They do look so cute :)

Whitney said...

haha omg they'd kill me at crow!

Tisha said...

Love it!!