Thursday, November 1, 2012

::texas sized halloween::

we've all heard the saying, "everything's bigger in texas."

i always thought it was just a mindset that texas residents liked to proclaim about themselves.  however, now that i've celebrated halloween here, i believe that statement to be true.

in all of my trick-or-treating days, i have never experienced a halloween like the one we had last night.  and i would say i've trick-or-treated with the best of them, in some of the greatest neighborhoods (colony woods circa the '90's!).  but, nothing could hold a candle to what we experienced last night.

let me set the stage for you...
most of our neighbors had extensive halloween decor in their front yards -- blow up pumpkins, skeletons, ghouls, ghosts, you name it.  some of it even scared me.  and i felt pretty lame with our pumpkins out front!

but, the most amazing part happened the afternoon of halloween.  everyone brought out their tailgating tents and set them up in their front yards.  and then proceeded to put several tables under the tents and hold awesome dinner parties for their families and friends.  everyone was just outside enjoying halloween with great food and drink in hand.  it made me long for my family so much and wish i had them all sitting next to me on my front lawn!

and in addition to the party atmosphere in our whole neighborhood, a house down the street from us put on a show every thirty minutes.  complete with about 10 mic'ed actors, lights, fog, sound machines and a backdrop.  at the end of each production, kids could line up to win prizes.  not treats, mind you. in an easy-bake-oven or boxes of matchbox cars and things of that sort.  it was phenomenal.

needless to say, my kids had a blast.  finn ran around like a fierce shark the entire time and hung with lily's grade school friends.  crosby was in a chocolate coma by the time we got home.  and lily felt quite beautiful the whole night.  

while i have often felt really homesick so far this year, last night i really embraced the texas lifestyle and felt thankful for this adventure we have this year.  it was fun to experience a different state's traditions and i am thankful the Lord has given us this opportunity this year.

happy halloween!


Ashley said...

Awesome. They looked adorable and soooo happy!!

Josie Decker, RN said...

so fun! Crazy that it's so over the top there! Oh Texas.
I was just talking about Colony Woods trick or treating the other day! Did you ever go to the house on the hill that game out dimes? I thought that was the coolest!

LaNell said...

Wow! I was expecting that you had just tons of trick or treaters! Mic'd actors never entered my imagination! Wow.
I think of u often!