Monday, November 19, 2012


there is nothing quite like time spent with sisters.

they know you so fully.  the good.  the bad. the beautiful.  the truth.  the history.

and love you so deeply.

it was so refreshing to be with ash and whit this weekend.  and to have time with ashley's precious family.

we spent so much time talking, eating, walking outside and just cherishing our time spent together.

i am so abundantly thankful for my beautiful, beautiful sisters.

we spent a morning walking through downtown Littleton.  whit and i spent the bulk of the walk holding griff's hands and lifting him up to swing.  by the end, he wanted to be held up, but did not want to put in the effort.  we looked like we were abusing him as he dragged his feet through the streets. 

i love you girls so much!!!


Whitney said...

hahahah that video is still funny - and i was there!

Ashley said...

Awesome pics and video! Ha ha! Love you guys!!!