Sunday, December 9, 2012

::a very christmas weekend::

we started and finished our weekend with all things christmas.  it was lovely.

we went on a search for a christmas tree farms are not nearly as easy to come by here in texas.  thankfully, there was a very sweet man at lowe's who trimmed and baled our tree for us and made the experience feel a bit more authentic.  the kids were thrilled and loved smelling every tree we considered in our quest.  

we came home and decked the halls.  crosby loved seeing the lights go on the tree and was quite the help.  lily and finn really were very helpful and loved every minute of it.  i have a feeling this will be our only year to set up our christmas tree with the air conditioner running.  it was awesome.

on saturday night, we got the kids all ready for bed and had them go into their rooms to pick out books to read.  they found tickets for a "christmas light tour" on their beds and popcorn and hot chocolate waiting for them.  we toured our neighborhood and looked at as many lights as they liked.  finn kept saying "we are on an adventure!  an adventure!"  and asked if we could do it again today.  

my parents recorded "'twas the night before christmas" for our kids.  every christmas eve, my poppy would read it to ash and i on our blue floral couch.  it is one of my favorite christmas memories.  lily and finn have listened to this about 20 times since we got it out yesterday.

happy hall decking!!

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