Monday, December 31, 2012

::the best laid plans::

this christmas, my sweet family planned to be nontraditional and break the mold we'd formerly used since my parents were married.  all 9 of them agreed that they would forgo the usual gifts and fly to texas the day after christmas to be with us.  ryan's schedule does not offer time off this year, and we were thrilled that they would make such a sacrifice to celebrate with us.

flights were bought months in advance.  a beach house was rented for the weekend.  packages shipped to our home.  and on the night of the 25th, bags packed and everyone in bed early for their 3:30 am wake up call.  

well, wouldn't you know that mother nature had different plans.  indiana winters keep you on your toes for sure.  snow was falling rapidly from the sky, but my family made it to the airport and was about to take off when their flight was delayed.  then cancelled.  they cancelled until saturday with the option to re-book for a mere $8000.  

the entire biber clan was left very downhearted and we were beside ourselves here in texas.  at the 11th hour, the kids and i were booked on flights to fly home to try to regain some semblance of the christmas we'd hoped for.  

it was an absolute whirlwind of a trip, but we were thrilled to have a few days to celebrate and be together.  and ryan surprised everyone saturday by showing up for an amazing, but quick visit.  

it certainly wasn't what we'd all pictured, but time with family is always so very precious.  and we are so thankful...

breaking child labor laws at the airport as we tried to haul it all.


finn loved his sleepovers with sam and lily was thrilled to share a room with whit.

front porch workouts!

we decided a late night sledding trip for adults only was in order.  we were all sore from laughter (and falling) the next day!

"christmas" morning

i love you all SO very much!!!!

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