Tuesday, May 14, 2013


i could not be more thankful.

we have made it through 20 weeks of injections and are completely in a safe place for this baby to be born.

AND i just found out this morning that our baby is mostly head down!  i am so very very relieved and praying that this sweet one stays in this position.

i absolutely would do anything to make sure our baby is healthy, but i was starting to have some fear about a second c-section.  i know that it would have been so different from my experience with crosby, but that whole day was filled with so much trauma, pain and anxiety -- it is hard to separate what was circumstantial and what was a typical c-section.

i know that there are no guarantees about this delivery, but i am beyond thrilled that this baby seems to be preparing itself for delivery.

thank you, Lord!

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Ashley said...

Good work, Baby! We love you already!