Thursday, May 2, 2013


this poor little blog of mine has not gotten a lot of love recently.

there is no real reason.  i haven't been that busy.  i think there just hasn't seemed to be that much going on.

but, when i think of the last few weeks, a lot has happened.  and one day i might want to remember it.

so, dear blog, here i am, ready to put some of it into words.

first of all, we are buying a home!  and we are very excited!

 after two trips to c'ville to scour the area and schools, we have decided to live in crozet, virginia.  it was definitely not what we were picturing, since we absolutely adored living downtown c'ville for 9 years.  but, after a lot of prayer and research, we feel like it will be a wonderful place to raise a family.  our dollar stretched a bit further, the schools are amazing, the community is tight and the natural surroundings are beautiful!  it is definitely going to be an adjustment compared to living downtown, but we are excited for this new adventure and the next chapter!


ryan is down to his last 2 months as a fellow.  i could not be more proud of the journey he has been on and all he has accomplished.  i am really really thankful for this year in houston -- we have grown so much as a family.  we have tried new things.  we have lived in texas!!  and we have made sweet friends...and our kids are going to miss their trio in abby, jack and kate.  houston has had so much to offer.  and it will always hold a very dear spot in my heart (especially when future winter temperatures dip below freezing!)  but, we are really excited to start this next phase of our life!


and in that next phase, comes the amazing addition of sweet baby smith #4.  i cannot believe how close we are now!  this pregnancy has seemed long...ryan has reminded me that anything compared to crosby's will seem long.  but, many days of this pregnancy have been wrought with nausea and a general feeling of malaise.  i truly love being pregnant, but feeling crummy leaves me even MORE excited for this baby to come!  i can hardly wait!  we are almost in the 1 month countdown and it is so exciting!

ryan leaves tomorrow for 6 days and i am really praying that this baby will hang on until he is home.  but, after that, i will be thrilled to meet him or her anytime! i had a few nights of contractions a few weeks ago that left us both a little nervous, but all has been calm this week.  so, hopefully, ryan will be back in town before anything exciting happens!

we only have one injection or two left and that leaves me a very very happy girl.  i could not be more thankful to have made it this far -- everything about this pregnancy feels like such a miracle to me.  it is such a gift.  we did find out this week that the baby is still transverse.  i am really really praying that the baby will decide to flip in the next week or two (and meanwhile doing crazy exercises to try to encourage that!).  if at the next appointment the baby has not flipped, they will try an external version.  i am absolutely up for anything to prevent a c-section...but i have heard that sometimes flipping a transverse baby is less successful than a breech baby.  so, we are praying lots that this sweet one decided to go head down (or even head up!) very very soon so a c-section is not in our future!

lily, finn and crosby are very excited for the baby to arrive, as well.  lily and finn are sure that it is a girl and are pretty set on naming her "rosemary."  lily and i have had lots of sweet talks about how special it will be if she is the only girl...but i think she is holding her breath for a sister! :)


lily had a "student-led conference" at school yesterday.  it was so much fun to see her so proud of all of her school work and to see how far she has come this year.  her school focuses on many principles that encourage you to be a well-rounded student.  lily told me that the principle she thinks she is strongest in is "risk-taking."  i loved that she sees herself as a risk-taker, since i often see such a timid and shy side to her personality.  but, i loved that she felt that she was always willing to try new things and be brave.  she told me that the principle she wanted to work on the most was "communication."  i thought this was very insightful of her as we have been working a lot on standing up for ourselves and communicating with love.

her school year has been such a precious year and we will always hold mark twain closely to our hearts.  it will be one part of houston that is really hard to say goodbye to.  and i am so thankful for an amazing start to school for our little one.


so, here that leaves us.  getting ready for ryan to go out of town.  getting ready for a new baby to enter our lives.  getting ready for our home to be packed up.  and getting ready to drive across the country.  a lot of waiting without being able to do much in preparation.  but, a lot of big and exciting changes coming our way. i am so thankful for this season of life that seems calm and peaceful.  and i look to this season of change with eager anticipation and abundant thankfulness to our amazing God.


Meredith @ TheMittenWife said...

What a beautiful post!
How exciting that your family is headed back to Charlottesville. (We miss it there!) Crozet is such a cute town, I'm sure you will love it!
Your story makes me feel so comforted with what is ahead in our future with possible moves for fellowship, children, etc. - you guys are such an encouragement. Looking forward to hearing about your precious new addition :)

Pam said...

Lot of big changes coming your way! But until then, in this waiting phase, I am going to soak up all of our time left together. We will miss your family tremendously, Courtney. But I feel so fortunate that we were able to navigate Texas and this fellowship year together.

Whitney said...

love the updates!!!!!!