Friday, November 29, 2013

::a season of thankfulness::

we have so much to be thankful for this year.
here is a snapshot into what we've been abundantly thankful for this past week...

for running the turkey trot as a family.  a beautiful tradition that was so fun to add our 4th child into this year.  and it was SO much fun to see lily do her first 5k.  i don't think i went for a run until 7th grade and i struggled through the whole run with my dad by my side.  lily just glided through the trot (walking up the big hills) but feeling so proud of her accomplishment.  way to go, lu!

for a sweet celebration as a family.  
we very much missed our families, but are so thankful we get to see them very very soon.  (minus ash and fam -- thank GOODNESS i already have a plane ticket booked to see her wonderful family once baby #3 arrives!) 

for sweet sibling love.

for each of our children and all the ways that make them so unique and precious.

for this awesome guy who came to visit and helped out in every way possible!

for serving together.

and for God's amazing love that is endless and bigger than we could ever imagine!

happy start to the holiday season!

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