Monday, February 24, 2014


a few weeks ago, i was shocked when i noticed the tiniest of tooth popping up through della's bottom gum.  i called ash and told her i could not believe that she was getting a tooth so early.  

to which ash replied, "early?  court, she's 8 months old!  most kids have teeth by now!"  

so true, ash.  so true.  lily, finn and crosby did not have even a hint of a tooth until they were one or older.  so, we were so surprised to see a little tooth popping through.

our sweet girl with her snaggle tooth.  how we love you...

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Katie Arnold said...

Courtney, she's so precious!! Looks a lot like Lily, I think. When you posted on IG that she was eating Cheerios, I was going to ask how many teeth she has b/c Delaney has been so easy to choke/gag on solids and she has 4 teeth!! Amazing how they can gum even hard stuff!