Wednesday, February 12, 2014

::these ones::

it has started to snow here.

and whether we get a dusting or a foot, it matters not, school is cancelled for tomorrow.

since the kids won't be going to school, we decided to let lily, finn & crosby have a sleepover tonight.  it warms my heart how much they love sleeping together right now.  we pull lily's mattress into the boys' room and she sleeps next to the bunk beds on the floor.  we usually let them talk for 20 minutes or so before telling them it is quiet time.  i am not sure if it feels so sacred that they are afraid to lose the privilege, but when we tell them it is time to stop talking, they obey.  

before heading up tonight, they had been dancing and singing frozen songs at the top of their lungs.  so, they went up to bed a bit warmed up and amped up.  after we told them to quiet down, i heard a commotion upstairs.  after a few minutes, i went up to check out what was going on.  when i walked in, lily was sitting on top of her bed with no pants on.  and finn was sitting in his bed with no shirt.  they both claimed they were just too hot to sleep.  and crosby, sweet crosby, was perched in his bed with no pants.  and no pullup.  just straight up nude from the waist down.  i asked him what was going on, and he too, of course, was just too hot to sleep.

for a split second, i felt frustrated.  this is the precious time of night that ryan and i have to relax and connect together.  but, that frustration quickly melted as i realized how amazing it is that they love each other so.  and that crosby so desperately wants to be doing what lily and finn are doing -- even if he doesn't quite understand why -- to the point that he was willing to go to bed with no pants, like his sister, and no diaper either.  

these are the days...

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